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Profitability for Mail & Print Store Owners

Let our owners help you with the decision to start your own store. What matters is how much profit can your business make? Right? A typical Mail & Print Store generates an incredible amount of profit. The usual profit is a 45 to 55% Profit Margin!

You can be your own boss, create a neighborhood resource for your community, and generate profit. A Mail & Print Store is not a franchise; NO high franchise fees to pay. We also will give you training at an operating store.

One way that your Mail & Print Store can make this level of profit is that we offer a small amount of products as inventory and many services! One service we provide that is 100% profit is Mailbox Rental. Your customers who rent mailboxes from you will pay you monthly. A consistent revenue stream is now created. In many cases, your revenue from this service alone will pay for your monthly facility rent.

Our training will give you many opportunities for revenue generators. We will work with you and teach services that you can offer that will also generate sheer profit! Imagine shipping labels – many clients already print their package labels prior to coming into the store for your shipping services. Wow, no fees for you to print and pay for ink.

Notary services are another great profit generator. You can offer clients notary services that cost you zero in fees. The customers that have documents notarized will pay you typically about $5-$15 per item and again, this is a 100% profit service. Passport photos are another service that can generate revenue. Copies and in-house large format printing are other services that will give you 100% profit! The markup on all these services is incredible.

This profit margin can assist you in payment for your monthly rent of the facility, loans you may have taken for operating costs and more!

Are you ready to start your own business and be your own boss? We are ready to help you. Just click the link below to let us know if you’re interested. You will receive a call back from one of our owners. While you’re at the website, check out the training, store layouts, plans and pricing to assist you in your final decision to be the owner of a Mail & Print Store.

Learn even more by watching this video from Garrett, one of our two owners:

For more information and resources, watch this video from our other owner, Donna:

Give us a call at - 410-246-2097 or Click here to get started:

Imagine how wonderful your life will be as the owner and operator of a Mail & Print Store!


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