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Make Today the Day You Become Your Own Business Owner

Have you dreamed for years of owning your own store? Does it worry you to purchase a franchise? It should, as they have high franchise fees. A Mail & Print Store is not a franchise; no fees to pay! Did you know that it is also not a retail location. Retail stores carry high levels of inventory which adversely affects their profit margins.

When you own a Mail & Print Store, we train you to focus on services that can make you a community resource and keep your profits high. Garrett & Donna will give you hands-on training. The store you open will be of a modern design. No boss to tell you when to open and what products or services you can provide.

Watch this video and learn from one of our owners, Donna, about how you can be a Mail & Print Store owner. Click Here:

Consider the service of Mailbox Rental. Donna offers this in her existing store and has over 500 mailbox rental customers! The service requires no inventory and gives you as the owner a 100% profit margin.

This can be vital in paying for your store rent and other expenses. You also may offer a Virtual Mailbox Rental service. This gives customers 24-hour access and is another revenue generator.

Other revenue generating services are Penske truck rental, Motor Vehicle services and Fingerprinting.

Your potential for revenue is nearly endless. Another benefit of owning a Mail & Print Store is we will work with you and train you on how to set up these services at your location. You can create streams of income and offer services that your community needs.

Mail and Print Stores can help you with real-life training at a currently operating Mail & Print Store, assist you with finding & negotiating a store location, design, layout and full store build-out. Check out our website to discover how much we support and assist you in opening your facility. Click the link below to let us know that you are interested in getting started with your very own Mail & Print Store.

Our owner, Garrett, has also recorded a video for you with more information and the profitability aspect of owning a Mail & Print Store. Click Here to view:

The website also outlines many aspects of owning a store, like plans and pricing, training and what it includes for you as the owner, and so much more. Visit our website at:

Remember - there are more details at our website – just Click HERE now.

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