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Introducing the Ground Package: A comprehensive Mail & Ship store, encompassing everything you need to get started in the Shipping and Mailbox business. 


What sets our Ground Package apart from our competition is the unmatched modern store design that encourages customers to spend more time in the store. Our approach revolves around creating "Business Centers," distinguishing us from the dated post office style competitors offer. Our store designs feature a comfortable seating area with a unique design wall back-drop, distinctive in-house signage, custom interior neon signs, versatile color palettes, and an array of counter tops and base coverings to choose from fostering a comfortable and inviting environment.

Although "large format" in-house printing is NOT available with the package, the store will have a dedicated "Print Center" area with a 13" high-resolution HD 10-color "Small Format" printer and a desk top computer featuring our proprietary printing software. Customers can easily order a wide range of merchandise, printed by a third-party vendor (yielding about 30% to 40% revenue on orders). However, the stores will be able to offer small format printing in house.

The Ground Package will also have a commercial high-speed color copier with finisher and 2 fully operational POS (Point of Sale Register) 

The Ground Package also comes with up to 72 (depending on configuration) physical key entry mailboxes and we also introduce to our stores one bank of electronic QR coded mailboxes that can handle up to an additional 75 customers. The electronic mailboxes can also be stationed in the front of the store (landlord permitting), to give customers 24 hours access to the mail. 

Inventory value for this package is approximately $10,000 at retail and as with all packages, store owners will have access and unwavering support by tapping into our extensive vendor network.


In addition to visiting our live store for training, the Ground package also includes all the services you would expect from a turnkey operation including finding the store location, negotiations, store design and set-up, training and of course our lifetime support. Plus in addition to training in one of our live stores, you will get a store visit from our Managing Partner for 2 days prior to store opening. 

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Your journey to excellence begins here


Introducing the Priority Package: This is for the store owner who is ready to take the leap into the printing world. The Priority package includes the "GROUND" PACKAGE above PLUS offers the addition of large format in-house printing with the inclusion of a 44" HD large format 8 color printer complete with a large assortment of materials for products from banners, lawn signs, window signs and to high quality photographs and painting prints sought out by photographers and artist. Upgraded printing software is also included as well as full training both in person and remotely. 

Additionally, Priority package stores will include one additional bank of Physical Mailboxes (Key Entry) totaling approximately up to 110 (depending on configuration).  

An upgrade to a 35ppm copier with finisher and fax plus a second color copier of 25ppm.  


Our modern design is continued here but customers can choose from an expanded selection of PREMIUM colors and materials.


An additional $5000 of inventory (totaling approx. $15,000 at retail).

To hear more about the upgrades this package has to offer please click the button below. 


"Everything but the kitchen sink"

Introducing the Next Day Air Package: Much more printing options and some cool new equipment not offered in any of our competitors packages.  

In house printing now includes a sublimation machine and heat press for apparel such as tees, hoodies, logo merch and even a hat and mug press along with a commercial oven with supplies and much more.

The exiting addition of our new sound proof privacy pods is unique to our industry.  Customers can rent by the 15 minutes and have total privacy in their own pod. Great for meetings or talking to distant friends and family (space permitting). 

Another exclusive offering, is our eco friendly box perforator that reduces boxes to wrapping/packaging material thus reducing the need for environmentally unfriendly bubble wrap and box peanuts. 


Another upgrade to our 45 ppm high laser resolution copier to handle larger jobs faster and thicker stocks of business cards and post card productions.


A 2nd bank of QR coded electronic mailboxes which can handle up an addtional 75 customers on a 24 hour basis (Landlord permitting).


An additional $5000 of inventory (Totaling approx. $20,000 at retail). 

Are you ready to jump into the world of Mail, Ship & PRINT! 

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  • FINANCING – If you need financing assistance, we work with two companies that specialize in start-up financing. Both loan opportunities are uncollateralized and following receipt of requested information a pre-qualification can be received usually in less than 48 hrs. NOTE: The pre-qualification is not a “hard-pull” and will not affect your credit score in anyway.


  • TRAINING – Training is conducted in our Maryland Flagship location. This is one of the highest grossing independent stores in the country. Training lasts for 3 to 4 days depending on package selected. (Up to 3 people may attend). Client(s) will learn to work with all our equipment available including printing equipment and software.  During training you will also work with live customers in our busy store to get you comfortable and acclimated with handling customers service needs. In addition to our hands on training of all equipment and software, additional training is available via video conferencing and phone support. This includes software for the POS, Electronic Mailboxes, Printing, Virtual online Mailboxes, Fingerprinting and more. After store is open for business training is also available if needed for Managers and/or additional family members.

  • LONG TERM SUPPORT – This is truly one of, if not the most important factor for your success. Mail & Print Stores of America will be there to help you for the life of your store and best of all, there is no extra fee for doing so. With Mail & Print Stores of America you will have direct contact to both Owners as well as their assistant.  Owners Donna Maertens and Garrett Bauman have 60 years of combined experience in the retail, restaurant and mail & print industries. Additionally, you will be provided with a contact list of all vendors covering all items from furniture to equipment. Your point of contact in most cases is either a regional/national sales rep assigned to your account or a company owner not some customer service contact in another country

  • STORE LOCATION SEARCH – Following receipt of deposit Co-owner Garrett Bauman will meet with client(s) and discuss an overview of the market area. Based on our stringent criteria that includes competition, traffic counts, area demographics and rental rates, you will be presented with locations that meet both yours and our criteria. Following approval of location(s), a site meeting will be arranged with you and the landlord/management company to view the premises. If approved, we will draft and negotiate an aggressive proposal to get you the best deal possible. Economics and landlord concessions are critical to the success of a store. Following a lease execution, full payment of the package price is due, and our buildout process begins. 

  • STORE BUILDOUT – Upon receipt of payment, all orders for furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), will be placed. Store fixtures and mailboxes can take up to 8 weeks to arrive (fixtures and mailboxes are made in the USA and Canada). The FF&E shipment will be met at the store by our Buildout Supervisor who will build your store down to the last detail. Ground, Priority and Next Day Air packages include a pre-opening visit from our Co-owner Donna Maertens. Donna will double check that all equipment is networked and ready to go. She will also verify all inventory as well as confirm IT support and security is activated. Clients will work with Donna to review all operations and marketing is implemented and clients will receive a refresher on any items they deemed necessary. The Starter Package will receive a refresher course from our buildout supervisor, but Donna and Garrett are available via phone of video conferencing as needed. 


  • ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE – We do not provide the following services. However, we will provide directions, review and/or oversight for the following:  Authorize shipping approvals, S Corp or LLC creation, merchant carrier (it is suggested you use one of the recommended merchants), review and approvals regarding all additional revenue generators (List provided following receipt of deposit), logo creation, store preparation work including painting, flooring and wall placements or demo, logistics for all shipping, scale registration, review of bids for any pre buildout store work not included in store package such as store preparation and outdoor signage and more...

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