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We are with you every step of the way

We'll even be there on opening day
Below are the steps we take to get your store open:


First, we must "verify" your funds to make sure  that you not only have enough to open the business, but have enough to get the business going while still managing your personal life.

Upon funding approval we will require a refundable* $1,500 deposit. If you do not have available funds but have good credit, we can recommend one of our funding partners (You must be working and receiving a paycheck or have a steady source of income to qualify.

*Deposit is only refundable prior to preparing a letter of intent for a store location/preparing design drawings or prior to receiving funding from one of our recommended funding partners. 

If you have already leased or own your location, the deposit is $5,000. Deposits can be made via Zelle or Credit Card (fees apply).


We provide 3 of the best package selections in the industry.
Why are they 3 of the best?
Because we have added upgrades to equipment and improvements to design that no one else offers. In this post
Covid world, more people now work from home and our stores have seen as much as 40% increase in business as our stores offer services that used to be provided by your office. We also offer (size appropriate) seating areas in all stores.  
Packages start at $99,900 up to $169,900 for full service Mail and PRINT store with added more advanced printing capabilities and new equipment 
that our competitors do not offer.


We are a true turnkey company. We work with you not only on building out your furniture, fixtures and equipment, but we also assist you in preparing the store for buildout. NOTE: Unlike our independent competitors, we will also assist with your initial store improvements prior to store buildout of fixtures, equipment and inventory. Improvements such as flooring, paint
and electrical etc.. are NOT part of the package price but our design team will work with you to help plan and design fixed improvements and assist you with
bid reviews. NOTE: We will typically ask the Landlord to do this work or give us an allowance if they want the tenant to do. This is part of the negotiation process and we see this getting approved in about 50% of our store locations.  


Finding the right store location is not always about the geographic location but also about the economics of the deal. A good location + a favorable lease = The Perfect Store Location. Turnkey Stores of America's owners/operators are and were store owners and both have strong professional backgrounds in national retail consulting, shopping center leasing and national tenant representation.  We use our state-of-the art leasing software and our network of relationships with shopping center owners and brokers to find your location. We will provide you with all the information you need to pick the site that's best and we will negotiate the best deal possible for you.  We are on your team and we do not receive commissions.


Following lease execution we will design and layout your store. We will provide both 2D and 3D layout plans for your
new store based upon the package you have chosen. Our store packages are designed as modern looking business centers as opposed to the typical "get in, get out" slatwall/post office design typical of the industry . We will also discuss options available depending on the selected package with respect to color, material and theme. We want all 
of our stores to be inviting and encourage customers to spend more time in the store. More time spent
equals more sales. 


Following lease signing and confirmation of store buildout, you and up to 3 others will schedule a time to visit busy operating store in Ellicott City, MD for a 3- to 4-day training session. Training is during operating hours for a "real life" learning experience, not in a classroom! You will not only learn how to use every piece of equipment but you will also be interacting with customers for the ultimate on the job training experience. Best of all, and unique to our services, you will be joined by one of us in your store the day before you open and on opening day. But it does not end there. We (The company owners), are available for the life of your store and your success means our success. Our goal is to see our stores turn a profit as quickly as possible. 
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